Alex "The Maniacal Predator" McBride

Alex "The Maniacal Predator" McBride

On Nov 5th Alex “The Predator” McBride and Tony “The Tyrant” Rogers will compete at USFFC 29 in beautiful Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Alex is fighting at 115lbs, and is having a great weight cut.  Her walk around weight when she started was only 119lbs so she still gets to eat dark chocolate. 
Alex has worked hard to stay in shape physically and mentally for the last 6 months.  Not only has she grown as a fighter, but the whole club has grown as well.  There is a lot more support for her in the community and she is recognized as an inspiration for all of the little girls in the Mountains. (:
While I can’t wait to see the new techniques The Predator has learned in the ring; what I really can’t wait to see is an Alex that has confidence in herself and isn’t afraid to fight and stand up for herself.  Anyone that fights The Predator knows when they fight her.  They never forget quickly.
It is going to be a GREAT fight against a tough opponent and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Tony "The Tyrant" Rogers
Snow in July


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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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