USFFC 29 - The day after


Team Full Circle spent this weekend in Spartanburg, South Carolina at USFFC 29 “Shadows of Enmity”.  We have prepared for this fight or months.  Both Tony “The Tyrant” Rogers and Alex “The Predator” McBride were under weight and very ready to get in the ring.  Even though we were prepared, sometimes things go wrong and they don’t happen the way you want them to.  A true warrior learns from every situation and how to prevent the mistake from happening again.  We are so proud of our warriors at Full Circle MMA.   


While Tee and Alex were both scheduled to fight, Tees fight with Sean was cancelled the day before the fight.  The promoter, Scott Price tried to find another fighter willing to go against Tee but finally had to cancel the fight Saturday afternoon altogether when there were no takers.  Tee was extremely disappointed and cursed like a sailor when he found out that he would not be able to get in the ring.  Thankfully, the people that heard him were fighters and knew how it feels when you prepare for months to do battle and then you are stopped at the last minute.   


Alex’s fight was a go.  She was prepared! She is in excellent shape and weighed in 2 pounds under.  Her fight was moved from the eighth spot to the ninth, and then finally she was in the ring.   Alex stayed with the game plan and did just about everything right.  While ultimately she lost, she lost with no injuries and a lot of knowledge.  Even though she very disappointed with herself and felt she could have done better, she has learned from her mistake and knows what she needs to work on to improve her fighting arsenal.  We are so honored to have Alex at our school.   We value her leadership and skill and can’t wait to try again.


While we were disappointed that Tee was not able to fight and we had a loss, our club had a win.  Scott Price should be very proud of himself and his crew as USFFC 29 “Shadows of Enmity” was an incredible show with exciting fights.  Tony and I were so proud to have the families from our dojo come and support our fighters.  Watching the kids jump and cheer for our team was so much fun, but it was even more fun watching the parents.  I hope everyone had a great time, I know we did! We will always remember USFFC 29 as a very special event


Tony "The Tyrant" Rogers


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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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