Our Philosophy

At Full Circle Martial Arts, we believe that children and families are the backbone of our society. It is our goal to strengthen a child’s love for himself, develop respect for his peers, and feel a sense of honor within his family. We work to achieve this by looking at the problems of our day through a child’s eye. With this approach, we have developed a program that will give children tools they will need. While self defense and physical development is what we do, we have found that much greater changes happen in children that have been involved in our programs. Changes that can last a lifetime!


Master Tony Rogers developed KidKido™ after recognizing that most martial arts programs today are robotic and impersonal. They teach every child the same techniques in the same way – over and over again. Throughout his 30 years of experience as a martial artsist, Master Tony has learned that each child requires personalized attention and has specific, individual needs.

KidKido™ starts with you, the parents. We will meet with you initially to evaluate the unique strengths and weaknesses of your child. Many of the problems that parents tell us that they would like to see improved upon are:

  • Lack of self respect
  • Lack of respect for parents and family members
  • Laziness and lack of self discipline
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Insecurity
  • Weight Loss
  • Poor attitude at home
  • Poor attitude towards School
  • Refusal to help around the house

When you meet with us in your Introductory Session, we will sit down with you and evaluate your individual child’s needs. We then take this information and custom tailor a self defense training program that will specifically target the problem areas. You will begin to see the KidKido™ difference right away!

You see, we have discovered that learning self defense is really a by-product of teaching kids to simply feel good about themselves. Once this process is started, it snowballs into a true miracle that will not only bring significant change in your child’s confidence level, but will teaches them to know how to react if they ever find themselves in a potentially harmful situation.

Our school has an open door policy for both parents and children. We do our very best to listen and be a positive influence on your family’s life.

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