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Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide children with a safe, active, and explorative environment that values the physical and mental growth of children. We believe that the mind-body connection has been neglected and is often overlooked in most programs. With a strong, healthy body, a child can achieve a strong, inquisitive and brilliant mind. By giving children the opportunity to exercise their body in an environment that is conductive to allowing them to reach their full potential in self-discipline and physical health, they can better exercise their minds, giving them harmony and balance for the rest of their lives.

Who Is Full circle Martial Arts (FOMA)

Full Circle Martial Arts is a family business, opened by Tony Rogers and Keren Jordan, Marsh 26, 2008. Tony Rogers teaches the martial arts curriculum at FOMA; and Keren Jordan is the Director of the after school care program. We have taught martial arts and operated after school and summer camp programs for over 30 years. We have incorporated martial arts and child care into a progressive, active, evolving environment, filled with play and laughter.

Why Martial Arts?

While your child learns martial arts; he or she will also learn self-discipline and self-reliance, honor, respect and confidence. Our multi age group approach benefits all ages. Older children help younger children learn Martial Arts and progress academically. This integrated process benefits all age groups. While the younger child is learning a new subject, older children are reinforcing their own knowledge; learning valuable social and leadership skills, she will use their entire life.

We understand how hard it is to raise children these days. We know all the worries you have for your children – bullying from peers, pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, and inappropriate adult role models in the media and on the internet. Children today have to deal with overwhelming challenges. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to shield your child from these ever present negative influences, but there is something you can do to help him cope with the many challenges they face.

Many parents have already discovered martial arts training is one of the most beneficial activities in which your child can participate.

FOMA has a Progressive Itinerary

FOMA focuses on the whole child, verses spending time on rigid content. This means that as your child interacts with the multiage group and participate in activities, he or she may express an interest in a similar, like, or even random subject. When your child expresses curiosity about a subject, this is the perfect window for the group leader to help the group of children find the answer to his or hers questions; or simply pursuing an interest. The group leader facilitates the process by helping the group find the answers in dictionaries, on line, encyclopedias, magazine articles, etc. The point is to show the children that the answer can be found and how to find answer to a question for themselves.

A progressive environment means that while we will have the mandatory 4 activities per day, these activities can change depending on the interests of the children and group. The director and group leader will make sure that North Carolina Division of Childcare (NCDC) rules and regulations regarding activity plans are followed. In most cases throughout the day, your children will be exposed to 4 or more subjects and activities designed to promote understanding in a fun and active way.

In addition to the NCDC format, FOMA includes multiple opportunities for gross motor activity. We are not limited by weather for activities; every day you can be assured that your child is in an active and fun, free play environment. We encourage children to run and play on the mats with each other in free play and fantasy play situations. We play games and encourage children to make up games as they play. This allows the child to “flow” with the group and easily go from one interesting activity to the next.

What is “Rough and Tumble Play”

“Rough and Tumble (R&T) Play has been defined as a physically vigorous set of behaviors . . . such as chase, jump and play, fight, accompanied by positive affect from the players towards one another (Pelligrini, 1995). Children love to play, running, jumping, chasing, grabbing, and more; when given the opportunity. As long as R & T play occurs with smiling faces, children are having fun, not expressing inappropriate aggression. Successful R and T is accomplished with direct adult supervision and contact. FOMA staff will get on the mats and “play” with your children. From this interaction children learn self-control and acceptable forms of self-expression in an R & T setting. Boys and girls learn to control their own strength, and “play fight” in a controlled, supervised, environment. FOMA believes that R & T play is an important component of a child’s development. We believe that it is one of the best venues for teaching children self-control and self-motivation. Go to www.nifplay.org for further information.

Pelligrini, A. (1995). School Recess and Playground Behavior. New York: State University of New York.

Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedure

It is important for parents and or guardians to know what kind of center they are putting their child into. We strongly encourage parents to observe our practices before enrolling your child. Though everyone is welcome, this program may not be the right program for every child. We comply with all N.C. Child Care Laws; at the same time we have implemented a martial arts forum and atmosphere.
With that stated, martial arts is very beneficial to anyone who participates. Participants learn honor, respect, integrity, self-discipline, self-respect, and self-defense among many other positive things. Some are under the assumption that martial arts will only teach students to fight and some worry it may worsen pre-existing behavior problems. Here at FOMA we strongly disagree with that assumption. We teach our students how to defend themselves. We also teach them control, honor, and respect. We encourage the students to think before they act. We encourage them to make responsible, respectful decisions. We believe that martial arts creates a path both physically and mentally for children to develop skills that will serve them well for many years to come.